Reusable Endocavity Needle Guides

Ultrasound is used across a variety of specialties to perform many types of interventions, including biopsy and point-of-care procedures. Ultrasound is minimally invasive, allowing for high diagnostic accuracy and lower costs.

Regardless of the procedure, needle visualization is critical. The use of a needle guide keeps the needle aligned with the ultrasound beam of the transducers, leading to:

*Better needle visualization
*Shorter procedure time
*Confident clinical outcomes

Bondway’s reusable endocavity guide attaches securely to the transducer while ensuring proper positioning throughout the duration of the puncture procedure. The endocavity needle guide is recommended for tissue biopsy, fluid aspiration and treatment procedures. Needle guide ships with cleaning brushes.

To reuse the needle guide, follow standard cleaning, soaking and sterilization procedures as specified in your system manual. Prior to use, verify procedure device is of adequate length.


Reusable needle guides are recommended to follow your MOH (Ministry of Health)  Guidelines including use of sterile barrier sheath, cleaning brush and proper cleaning and sterilization of the device between patients. Accurate needle path with on-screen guidelines offers physicians real-time visualization ensuring patient safety throughout the procedure and reduces technique variability providing a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time.

Bondway is designing and manufacturing biopsy needle guides for most ultrasound systems and transducers, including general purpose and endocavity.

Bondway stainless steel biopsy needle guides for ultrasonic probes