5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator, high-purity, Oxygen Generator for fighting Covid-19, Coronavirus

5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator, high-purity, Oxygen Generator for fighting Covid-19, Coronavirus

Model EC5E
Min order 10
Supply ability 10000000
Payment Wire transfer, T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Port Shenzhen Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, etc
Delivery 3 working days
Packaging Carton Box

Model Number: EC5E
Name: Oxygen Concentrator

Brief Introduction:

5L oxygen concentrator is the model which can be optional to equip with one deluxe alloy barb, using a tubing to connect the 5-way splitter so that it can produce average 93% purity oxygen to serve 5 peoples at the same time. It meet all range flow requirements for adult, pediatrics and child use in hospitals, clinics, home care, nursing rooms and etc.  It can work in 24 hours a day continously and needs few maintenance of the main machine among its whole lifetime. Users do not need to open the machine body to do replacement of filters; this is also one of the best selling points among Dynmed products

1. Humidifier bottle: Imported from SALTER LAB, America. Its pressure release is up to 6PSI(0.041MPa) while some competitors' is up to 3PSI. The patient feel more comfortable when inhale oxygen;
 2. Ceramic inner housing, no spray paint, more environmetal friedly;
 3. Customerized mute cotton to prevent powder for 3 years at least;
 4. Pipelines are made of MEDICAL grade silicone tube and nylon tube, which is much safer than industrial silicone tube and plastic tube,  no pollution and no peculiar smell;
 5. Molecular sieve seal ring is made of MEDICAL silicon rubber material; And the molecular sieve tank is very firm, with its cover securely fixed by screws to avoid zeolite spray;
 6.  Cooling system: copper tube and  aluminum fin has better heat dissipation effect and ensure the machine to work continuously for 24 hours without overheat interruption
 7.  Equipped with pressure sensor, it can be used in high altitute area to make sure the adequate oxygen;

Technical Specs

Oxygen flow 1-5 LPM
Output pressure 50-70 kPa
Power supply AC220V±22V,50Hz;110V±10V,60Hz
Input power 300VA (AVER)
Oxygen concentration 1-5 LPM 93%±3%
Operation Environment Temperature 5ºC-40ºC
Atmospheric pressure:86kPa-106 kPa
OCSI indicator (Optional) 85% above green;
85%below yellow;
82% below red
N.W. 15kg
Noise ≤42dB(A)
Operation regular Time cycle/pressure rotation
Transportation/storage condition Temperature-20ºC-55ºC
Atmospheric pressure:86kPa-106 kPa
Equipment class&Type Class II B